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fujifilm instaz 7's

Sunday, 31 July 2011
what the heaven is dats??
wondering rite?? [0_0]''

- FUJIFILM Instax 7s -

yes it is,,a brand coolest camera ever,,
instax 7s is a instant camera
it's mean by, the word instant.. a faster way dats da picture came out instantly from top of the camera
less than 30 second,,u can easily can see the photo in ur hand,,
the picture size is about a credit card size,,
why it is call instax 7s,,7s mean is mean the era 70s
the result of picture is retro and it is so stylish

so,here i'll show u picture result from dis cute awesome funky retro intelligent instaz 7s

as i said,,da picture is so retro,vintage and stylo,,70s..

owh,i almost forget to tellling you dats dis picture is memory card less...it doesnt use memory at all,,
so,,how did it can t8 picture,,ok ok,,da answer is,,
it's use a film,,such as kodak,,but not really a kodak,,review picture below,,

as i know about dis cute camera,   it can support 10 pictures in a time..
the picture size is about credit card size,,yes its small,but its beautiful retro image,,

dis camera came in many design,,

some review about this unique camera

the best part is :: i didn't have dis camera for now yet,,
i will get it one day...amin,,

i am hoping dats my dream became true,,

 fell in love with dis camera because :-
retro picture
instant picture

so,,dats all about dis funky camera..more information 
you can ask my dear friends,, GOOGLE 

thanks for reading,,,

assalamualaikum and salam ramadhan


  1. nice blog cute tuan dier hihihi folow u..


  1. sara zainol said...:

    seyes.. suka camera nie.. da lama nk beli.. modal pon da nk cukup.. hehe

  1. Meen Ramsa said...:

    semat btol camera nie! napi, bli kn ak 1 bleh x??? pelissss...;)

  1. TINA said...:


    teringin juga nak camera macam ni. Walaupon nampak gemuk tapi comel

  1. Aimi Amira said...:

    salam ramadhan.

    nanti nak beli lah camera macam ni, haha.

  1. jangan lupakan saya kalau dah dapat camera ni.

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